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Everything you need in one place!

Everything you need in one place!

At Tasawk, we combine creativity in design with technical capabilities with the marketing dimension to provide you with the services that help you to succeed in your business

Economic cost

Economic cost

Our ability and experience enable us to develop services that meet our standards and at the same time, at an affordable cost



Our first and last goal is our customer, which we seek to be the strength that he can rely on to achieve his success through everything we do.

Available ideas for your website from Tasawk

Online Store

Launch your success online by having a professional online store at the best prices and best quality. Tasawk company is one of the companies specialized in designing, creating and programming creative online stores

Company website

Launch your success by having a unique company website that expresses you and your activity in a distinctive and creative way. With our great experience in the field of web design, we are pleased to provide you with a company website design service to meet all your needs and help you achieve impressive success on the Internet through the services of designing, creating and programming specialized company websites from Tasawk. Order your website now

School website

Design, create and program a unique school website through the distinguished service from Tasawk, which we will be pleased to assist you with all our experience in creating a website that meets the needs of all parties, whether students, parents, teaching staff to achieve real integration through a unique and professional school site that will achieve your success

News website

Do you own a newspaper? Do you want to keep up with modern development? Do you want to create a unique website for your newspaper? Don't worry! We are here for that mission; we'll help you in designing a professional newspaper website. Just contact us! Order your website now

Real estate website

Having a unique real estate website is your quickest way to launch your success on the internet. It is your easiest and fastest choice to display real estate and its specifications, pictures and prices easily for all customers anytime and anywhere. Start now in designing, creating and programming a unique real estate website, we will help you with all our experience to achieve your success. just contact us!

Haraj website

Haraj Website is one of the services that Tasawk has always been proud to provide. Tasawk implemented the largest Haraj projects as it meets many of the market requirements and needs, which are spreading in a very fast time due to the ease of its use. Order your website now

Classified Ads website

Building, designing and programming a marketplace website, such as designing "Mstaml" website or programming "Dubizzle" and "Bezaat" with different and unique characteristics to display and advertise your products through the internet. Classified ads provide great ideas that we can help you to customize, develop to find your way in the e-commerce world to start making profits.

Develop your own idea

Do you have a unique idea and want to implement it, but you do not have the required skills? Don't worry, we are here for this mission. We will not only save your time to implement this idea, but we'll also do it in a professional way. Starting from the designing to programming processes through different programming languages such as PHP language, aiming to provide a wide range of advice and consulting. Because we always aim to help our customers to make their ideas comes true, we also provide mobile application design services. We offer you an Android and iPhone mobile application for your idea. Start launching your success now!

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