Terms and Condition

General Terms

  • You can't use any of Tasawk's products or its services in a way that offends Islam or violates Islamic Sharia (law) or any content that violates the ethics or the local law of the resident country. In the case of a violation of this clause, "Tasawk" has the right to immediately stop the product or service without consulting the service buyer and without minimum compensation, and "Tasawk" does not bear any responsibility resulting on any wrong use or in violation of local and international laws.
  • "Tasawk" is not responsible for any processes or agreements that take place outside our known phone numbers or email addresses shown on our website or the official company headquarters or our technical support center.
  • Please be aware that all calls or correspondence may be recorded for service quality and training purposes.
  • You cannot exchange any of the free gifts, add-ons, or additional features in the packages such as (live chat, mobile messages, content filling, applications, or hosting) for a financial or non-financial return.
  • All costs of projects done by Tasawk do not include transfer fees or tax-deductible, so the customer will be charged the transfer fees and the value of taxes.
  • Tasawk does not provide a refund policy for transfers or payments since it is always disbursed in advance and it is difficult to return the amount to the customer, with the exception of some cases where "Tasawk" clarifies in a written statement the possibility of refunds.
  • Tasawk provides a refund guarantee for the hosting amount in the case of complete dissatisfaction with the hosting within 15 days of the start date of booking the hosting and the domain.
  • It is strictly forbidden to defame or insult any of Tasawk's members on the public and non-public areas on the Internet or otherwise because it is considered explicit defamation."Tasawk" has the right to cancel all transactions immediately with the client who has this offence after notifying him, and transfer the matter to legal affairs to protect the moral and financial rights of the first party.
  • The service's buyer is obligated not to make any payments to other accounts than the official accounts of "Tasawk" or a bank check in the name of the Tasawk Corporation for Information Technology or cash in one of our branches with obtaining an official bond.
  • Once the contracting procedures are completed and one of the Tasawk's services is purchased and after the initial payment of the agreed amount is transferred, it is considered as a complete approval by the buyer of the service on all technical specifications and the agreed and written terms of service in this contract, and does not take into account any unwritten specifications, requests or conditions in this agreement or in the e-copies of the terms of service on our website.
  • Prices of add-ons, services, or hosts may change at any time, and the price of add-ons or requests is calculated at the same price at the time when the service is updated or requested.
  • The service's buyer is obligated to conclude agreements, open accounts, complete procedures and pay any fees or costs in addition to providing any required documents from service's providers from any third party, such as shipping or payment companies, banks or international companies providing services for application stores such as Apple Store and Google Store to complete the process of launching apps within a maximum period of 90 days from the date the contract, to complete the linking or the applications launching processes, and in case of missing the deadline, there might be additional fees.
  • Tasawk is not obligated to change, stop, or add any conditions in the policy of other service providers such as transfer or payment companies or international companies for mobile operating systems "iOS and Android" and this is regarding programming languages or requirements and work steps or operating fees or subscriptions during executing the application or after that or its consequent outcomes.
  • The buyer who buys one of the services of "Tasawk" is not authorized to change or remove the design or the development rights of "Tasawk" except after agreeing on it at an additional cost upon in case of the need to remove the rights of development and design.

Technical support

  • Free technical support provides a lifetime to all Tasawk customers without any additional fees.
  • Technical support operations are carried out via tickets (only) where the service buyer receives a ticket account automatically after his request is approved, and this adds more security and privacy as we avoid that someone hacks the service buyer’s mail or sending a message with the same address of the second party exposing his property to risk. The first party is also obligated to solve the problems presented by the second party within a maximum of 24-48 hours unless the second party is notified otherwise in the case that requests and adds-on require more time to be done or if a third party is present in the request for technical support. Technical support services are not provided directly through our offices in order to ensure that we implement technical support requests quickly and in high quality in accordance with the priority system of requests and their importance to providing the best quality to all distinguished Tasawk customers.
  • Free technical support includes hosting problems such as email problems, password recovery, backup, hosting transfer, support for the work of all scripts and compatible programming, protection, support and guarantee the work of a certificate of encryption of secure communication between the website and SSL clients and ensuring the continuity of the website's work with a guarantee of higher continuity and speed to the website.
  • The problems of the content management system (programming) resulting from the problems of hosting or server or incompatible add-on installed by us include problems of losing passwords and any emergency problems that may arise for any reason whatsoever or problems of conflict with any type of browsers or devices.
  • Technical support does not include upgrades for copies and versions, installation of paid adds-on or design modifications after approval, or the addition and deletion of banners.
  • “Tasawk” apologizes for providing any technical support in the case of removing special development rights, using third-party technical support services, or modifying the website’s programming files (codes) without consulting the first party.
  • In the case of trying to modify the template, design, or programming outside of our technical support, we do not bear any responsibility resulting from that, and also please note that in the case of the desire to restore things to what they were, it may require a cost to be paid, which is determined by the "Tasawk" team.

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