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  • 8 years of experience
  • We serve 12 countries around the world
  • +5000 existing customers

All you need in one place

At Tasawk, we combine creativity in design with technical capabilities with the marketing dimension to provide you with the services that help you to succeed in your business

Economic cost

Our ability and experience enable us to develop services that meet our standards and at the same time, at an affordable cost.


Our first and last goal is our customer, which we seek to be the strength that he can rely on to achieve his success through everything we do.

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Provide your services in a creative and interactive way to your customers on their mobile phones

Features of Mobile Apps from Tasawk.

  • Spread


    Mobile Apps are widespread in a short period. Protection

  • Protection


    The application and database are 100% secure.

  • Design


    Simple and easy designs that help users to deal and respond to it easily

  • Quality


    We offer high-quality applications, whether in design or programming.

  • Languages


    Providing more than one language for applications, upon request

  • Technical support

    Technical support

    We provide immediate technical support for applications, databases and protection.

  • Marketing


    We offer simple free marketing suggestions and consultation.

  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Create a full application control panel for easy modification and control

App Stores from Tasawk.

Mobile apps are now considered the most important. Be sure to design and program a distinctive mobile application, as more than 40% of Internet users in the Arab world use mobile phones, so the presence of your storage application on users ’phones, whether the Android application or the iPhone application makes you the greatest opportunity to open a new market for your store and also ensure that there are permanent visitors to your site.

Mobile apps for companies from Tasawk.

Mobile apps are now considered the most important. Be sure to design and program a distinctive mobile application for your company. As it helps you in marketing your company in an attractive way. This is because when your company is constantly present on all smartphones within 24 hours a day, it helps you to send notifications to users of your company updates without the need to make expensive ads on the Internet.


Your own app

Do you have an idea about a mobile app and want to create it? let us help you

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