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Why is Magento the best for you?

Diversity in content management

The page editor enables you to view your products more convenient for your visitors so you can change, add or delete any of the products and you also can format them as you like until you settle on the best interface that can, in turn, be the best for your customers.

Compatible with smartphone devices.

Magento was developed in Arabic in order to help visitors browsing through the smartphone easily, which is witnessing a viral spread in the recent period in terms of increased rates of access to the Internet, so the phones have become a very large source of using the Internet.

Significant progress in search engines

Magento works more efficiently so that the search engines can see all of its pages and archive them to get an advanced arrangement in a short period so it provides more opportunity to display your products and get customers from search engines without incurring the hassle of marketing and advertising costs.

Stronger and greater support for products

You can add more than 500 thousand products in one site and receive more than 80 thousand orders per hour. This means that you are very willing to grow without the slightest occurrence in technical problems that may affect your store negatively.

Increase sales volume

Magento gives you the opportunity to increase the volume of your sales through the sell up option, so you can suggest products similar to the one that the visitor has chosen, it may be related to that product that was chosen and thus is a great opportunity to increase the sale.

Privacy and security

Magento enables you to protect your customers' data and the details of the purchases and sales which made through the website, this is because it uses data security PCI system. Also, the login screens are running the CAPTCHA system to protect you from any unwanted element entering your site.

Smart search feature on the website

Magento improves the user experience in terms of providing a dynamic search feature for easy access to information and also filtering operations by brand, product type or category and providing suggestions for other products similar to the one that the visitors searched for.

Big community

Magento serves more than 250,000 companies around the world since 2012 and holds official certificates from more than 35 countries around the world. Also, it includes more than 800,000 developers, which gives it a strong pillar and a great position among its competitors.

It saves money and time

Magento enables you to manage your actual inventory and manage your sales in an accurate and professional way in addition to extracting reports that make it easier for you to analyze your business and know to what extent you are closer to your future goals.

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