Business development experts.

  • 8 years of experience
  • We serve 12 countries around the world
  • +5000 existing customers.

Haraj Website and mobile application

Haraj enables you to communicate with a large segment of customers who want to display their products. By owning Haraj, you can achieve a higher profit through the commission that the buyer sends you from the seller. The commission is 1% on average and it can be reduced according to your plan for profit from the website. Prices starting from 3999 SAR.

  • icon The website works efficiently and can accommodate a large number of ads because we have huge databases.
  • icon The ability to add an infinite number of main and sub sections
  • icon An easy and easy Arabic control panel that can be opened from the mobile
  • icon The ability to add supervisors and managers to the control panel to help you supervise the store perfectly
  • icon Control the commission and the communication page for setting bank accounts.
  • icon Bidding system for ads and determining the starting price of the auction
  • icon The ability to add live chat with visitors in order to communicate with them easily and directly.
  • icon The ability to monitor advertisements and monitor violations from them through the reports.
  • icon Messages between members for easy communication.
  • icon Ads Favorite System in order to save the favorite ads for afterwards.
  • icon The control system of the number of ads displayed on each page.
  • icon Notification system like the original Haraj website and Facebook
  • icon Blacklist feature to detect violated members and who banned from selling.
  • icon The ability to follow a specific brand where a notice will be shown to its followers when this brand is added.
  • icon The points system for each member to determine the credibility of the members and who paid a commission and who did not.

Haraj app design.

Haraj app makes it easy to access products easy and also enables you to follow-up purchases and sales and respond to inquiries easily.

  • Search and browse products easily.
  • Add or edit a new ad easily.
  • Ability to communicate with sellers through the application.
  • Real-time notification system when receiving messages or selling a good.

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