Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees, only the domain renewal and hosting fees annually and are free for the first year.

Is my website protected from hacking?

Sure, we offer you American servers with high connection speeds of up to 600% to ensure the fastest speed in downloading, we provide you with technical support for hosting for a year, in addition to internal and external backup (daily – weekly – monthly)

Strong protection, 99.98% availability guarantee.

Can I control my website easily?

Sure, through an easy Arabic control panel, you can control the content of your website by making major and sub-sections and adding products and pictures related to products and all data. Also, we provide a tutorial on how to use the control panel.

Is 100 GB enough?

Yes. 100 GB is enough space for more than 100 thousand photos.

What is hosting, space and bandwidth?

This is the private space attached to your website to upload files, photos, videos, emails, etc..

What is the domain?

The name of the website on the internet, for example:




How can I start and what do I need?

1. First of all, you must fill out the application form and send it to us in order to know your requirements such as the required colors in design, domain and other important information in order to get the best outcomes of your website or store

  1. Then half of the amount is transferred as an initial payment to start working.
  2. After that, we start designing the website and send you a trial version of the design to get the approval or the necessary changes. Upon completion of the design, the last or second payment shall be transferred to start the programming step.

4. After completing the programming, you’ll receive a test link for the work and the control panel. After having the approval, the transfer will take place on the primary domain.

Are you an official company? How can I make sure?

We are a registered official company, located in Riyadh, Al-Malaz District. The transfer takes place on official accounts in the name of the company in the Saudi banks. There is also a signed agreement and a receipt or bill that guarantees your rights.

We work in the field of web design for more than 8 years, we work with many ministries, government agencies, charities and holding companies and we are pleased to take a look at our portfolio.

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