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What is the Affiliate Marketing service from Tasawk?

Tasawk offers the opportunity for its customers to market their products and stores for a small commission. The professional advertising service from Tasawk offers a different idea which is less expensive and more profitable for its customers. The idea of the service is based on providing the ability to market your products and your store through a team of digital marketing experts. In addition, you will only pay for certain outcomes, which are:

Pay for registration at your store

Tasawk will bring you, new customers, to register in your online store, which helps to increase your sales and increase your profits.

Pay for sale

Tasawk will help you sell your products and pay only after the sale is complete.

Pay for appearance

Tasawk will help you to increase your store brand value by promoting your store and increasing its visibility with new customers.

Affiliate marketing service features from Tasawk

Advertising platforms where your products will be promoted


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